BTM Resources Berhad ("BTM") was incorporated in Malaysia on 10th June 1994 as a public limited company under the Companies Act, 1965. BTM is listed on 27th March 1996 on the Main Market of the Bursa Malaysia.

The principal activity of BTM is that of investment holding and provision of management services while its subsidiary companies are involved in logging, sawmilling, trading of sawn timber, logs and plywood, kiln-drying operations, timber moulding, manufacturing of finger jointed timber, lamination boards, and wood pellets.

The principal activity of BTM

Wood Pellets

The wood pellets are produced by compressing sawdust from wood wastes which can be purchased at lower cost. The sawdust is then fed into a rotary dryer to be dried at a consistent moisture level. The dried sawdust is then fed into the Efficient Centrifugal Pellet Mill to be compressed and extruded into wood pellet, which is then cooled down in pellet cooler machine and then packed for sale. The raw materials that are required for the production of wood pellet i.e. wood wastes enables the Group to reduce wastage by recycling the wood wastes from its sawmilling and manufacturing businessPellets are manufactured in several types and grades as fuels for electric power plants, homes and other applications in between. Pellets are extremely dense and can be produced with a low moisture content that allows them to be burned with a very high combustion efficiency.


In view of the growing awareness of forest preservation, we have taken necessary steps to ensure that logging is carried out on a proper forest management to ensure minimal impact on the environment. This ensures an adequate supply of round logs on a sustainable yield basis. Trees to be harvested are first selected based on specifications approved by the Forestry Department.


The sawmilling process involves managing of incoming logs and feeding them into breakdown bandsaws, sorting, stacking, seasoning, selection of off-cuts, bundling and stock handling of timber.

Kiln Drying

A 12-chamber kiln dry plant with a capacity of 16,200 tonnes per annum is used to dry sawntimber for downstream processing.


Moulded timber is a variety of value-added products comprising of door/window frames, door jambs, furniture parts, paneling and flooring, etc.

Finger Jointings / Lamination

Discarded short length sawntimber are glued together and cut according to profile. After which, the edges are glued together to form a wider board in the lamination process, thus ensuring maximum recovery and utilization of sawntimber.

Our Workforce

The BTM Group has the sufficient pool of experienced and skillful human resources to cater for its various timber-based activities. The Group maintains a very good relationship with its employees giving due recognition that human resources are its greatest asset.

Quality Standard

BTM Group's sawn timber complies with the Malaysia Grading Rules which standardises the export quality. As for mouldings, the Tropical Hardwood Machined Lumber Grading Rules are adopted as the quality standard. In addition, the Group also manufacture wood products in accordance to its customers' specifications.

Market Network

Currently, our products are traded to the domestic and overseas market and is well-positioned to carve out a greater share of an ever expanding demand in the future. Currently, our products are mainly exported to Australia, Japan, Korea, Europe, Thailand and the United States of America etc.